I wonder what is on your Santa list?

Are you putting things you really want for yourself on your Santa list?

I am not talking about computer games, perfume, clothes, or sports equipment. Let me offer you some suggestions that will make a lasting difference to you personally. That will  improve you, and make both you, and the giver, feel really pleased with the results.

Dear Santa, please …

  • Give me more confidence to get a job, to find a partner, or to get my driving licence
  • Help me do well studying, to focus better and feel ok with exams
  • Help me to stop procrastinating
  • Give me the mindset to play my sport or music incredibly well
  • Help me to focus and consistently play great golf, shoot well or ….
  • Increase my scoring rate
  • Dear Santa, please …

  • Allow me to get rid of my anxieties about … myself, flying, crowds, work, presentations
  • Take this anger, frustration, guilt, grief, sadness away
  • Help me to sleep all through the night
  • Just allow me to relax
  • Dear Santa, please …

  • Help me to stop smoking
  • Help me get rid of this extra weight
  • Give me motivation to ….
  • Help me cope better with …
  • Allow me feel better about myself
  • And especially for women –

  • Please help me get rid of my PMT, decrease my weight, have my baby and preferably without pain
  • For those looking for work –

  • Give me focus to keep looking, remove my anxieties, give me confidence in myself, improve my interviewing and presentation techniques
  • And how does the giver know how to find one of these wonderful gifts for you?

    Well, first you have to put it on your list. It wont work unless you have asked for it. They can phone 07962 811907, for a gift voucher, that can be nicely wrapped. Each £60 voucher entitles the recipient to one very personalised chat and relaxing hypnotherapy session lasting 75 minutes. For some of the easier requests one or two sessions could well be all that is required!  This really is a meaningful gift for life!

    Once received come and let’s make it work. My clinic is open all through December and January. More can be found at www.marilyntuck.co.uk or talk to me  07962811907

    ‘I wanted to let you know I now have a lovely boyfriend and the future is looking bright. I owe a great deal of my success to our sessions, thank you’ DK
    ‘A big thank you to you for helping me sort myself out’ GB
    ‘Have just played 18 great holes (no stress, no panic, just enjoyable and decent scoring)’ CP

    And just in case you don’t get it for Christmas put it on your resolution list now and allow me to help you achieve it in the new year.


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