Are you getting fed up with your golf?

Golfers do get frustrated when they continually have bad rounds.  They know they can do better or they wouldn’t put up with it. Unfortunately bad rounds can become too habitual

Habits are formed when you do something often. Then, when you are in a similar situation your mind thinks how did I do this before, and replicates it.  Now, if on one particular hole, you played a ‘duff’ shot then your mind accesses this and it is likely you will do the same next time. Then you tell  yourself, and often anyone else around,  ‘I always do a ‘duff’ shot on this hole’ and, lo and behold, you talk yourself into it.

Does this ring a bell? Your mindset has formed a bad habit and you are adding fuel to the fire.  You then get frustrated, and anticipate it, and soon, unbeknown to you, the shots prior to this hole, and after it,  could become worse as you tense yourself up with anger and frustration without even realising it.

Some golfers do get to this stage. I have heard it many times,  ‘My scores are embarrassing.  I am letting my partners down.  I don’t enjoy golf anymore.  I am thinking of giving it away ‘

All that needs to be done is to get the negativity around the bad habit collapsed. Release the frustration and release the memory.

When I work with someone I remind them that they can play well and allow the confidence to flow again.  EFT helps, as does hypnotherapy, especially the part where they play great golf in their mind. It makes a big difference.

Sometimes people need technical help as well, and a lesson could make a difference because you are now in the right frame of mind.

There is a great sense of satisfaction to go out and play a good round of golf.  To be on a par with your mates and to go into the club afterwards knowing you played ok, or even better than ok.  You deserve it!


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