Hypnosis for my golf

I spend alot of my life getting people to play better golf. I love it. They come to me knowing what they want. For example: To get a better focus on the putting, to chip like they used to, to enjoy their golf again, to deal with frustration, and to stop beating themselves up after a bad shot. There are a myriad of things that hold golfers back.

You may wonder how hypnosis really does make such a difference to golfers. This will be revealed as the blog moves along. So keep a tag on it and get some golf hints and insight.

Now it is my turn.  I am listening to a recording of myself doing hypnosis on myself to improve my own golf!  It is quite good.  As I listen to it,  every two or three days, the voice doesn’t register as mine.  It is so very relaxing and I usually go to sleep after it finishes. Its all about putting the golf lessons into practice, embedding it all.  Like learning to ride a bike, each part of  me with a job to do and each little job making up a complete new flowing habit, the golf swing.

It’s obviously working.  Chris has said some very nice things about how my swing is improving and how quick I am taking it all on board.


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