And back to the golf progress

Golf lessons are every 2 weeks. Chris Whitelegg at the Shire London Golf Club at Barnet is very good. He and I are working on my swing.

I am doing ok.  I see it getting better on the video. Beside other great golfers my back swing is looking ok now.  The lines placed on the screen are lining my body up with the ball in the right places.  My flapping right arm is now under control.  It’s good to see lots of my shots sending the ball high and straight.

Now the work is on to driving it further. The movement of my left side as I follow through, having my grip in front of the ball at impact, the torque in my body sending it way way out there….well hopefully!

I actually played the par 3 with the Aston ladies on Thursday. My very first proper game. There were four of us and I didn’t disgrace myself.  A few fours and only one 6. (I did hit 2 trees which didn’t help)  My major difficulty was deciding what clubs would be right for the distance.

More practice definitely needed!


One Response to And back to the golf progress

  1. Moira says:

    Hi Marilyn

    I did not know you played golf. Will have to have a game together sometime! Not yet though, my clubs are definitely in hibernation for the winter.


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