Thursday’s group golf session

On Thursday I joined the ladies at Aston, Stevenage, again.  This time we were in the driving range. It was an amazingly still and hot day, for England.

We used a No 6 iron. I hadn’t touched a no. 6 yet.  My club has always been a no 8.  It wasn’t much different.  I guess you position the ball differently but the rest seemed much the same.

My hitting was ok, nice and straight.  I seem to be doing 90 to 100 yards now on the good shots so that is an improvement in a week. I did some nice shots while the coach was watching, thank goodness! Pivoting the body properly seems to get the speed up. Practice seems to be more of what I need.

I spent time on the practice green afterwards, trying out Chris’s chipping advice and practising some putting. It was glorious to be out in the sun and with no one else around.


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