My hypnosis

I said earlier this month that I would organise to hypnotise myself to play better golf so I better update on this.

The week prior to my Friday no. 8  lesson I did a special recording, just for myself. It covered what I learned in no.7 and stuff about letting myself relax,  flowing with the stroke and trusting in myself.  I listened back to it on two separate occasions.

On the Thursday I joined a women’s learner group at the local course.  This is at Stevenage.  (My normal coach is Chris at the Shire London, Barnet) There were 9 of us here, I didn’t know anyone.

This lesson was on putting. The first thing he got us to do was to stand in a circle 15 feet out from the hole and take it in turns to putt into the hole.  I did a perfect putt, only one other did so, too.  We did it again, mine this time rolled so close to the hole it would have gone in if it had been blown at. So you think this may have been beginners luck? I don’t know.

Our next exercise was to take a hole each, stand 6 ft out, and hit numerous balls into it from all sides, counting the number of consecutive holes in one. I regularly did 3 and many 2’s. I don’t know how the others went. I was quite happy since the only times I have practiced have been in the kitchen on the cheap little putting green I have there.

The following day I had my golf lesson No. 8.  My stroke had improved and I was quite pleased.  I was hitting around 80 yards on the good shots and kept it fairly straight.  The bad shots were to do with my stance and grip which were soon sorted.

More self hypnotherapy coming up.


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