And so to Chris and our mutual golf help

Pen and Chris 09Cousins Pen and Chris stayed last weekend prior to returning to New Zealand.

When Chris mentioned he had played golf for more than 40 years, my ears pricked up! His handicap had been a 7 until his chipping had gone down the tube recently. He was not happy with it at all. He was having trouble lifting the ball and gauging the distance.  He said he was not enjoying his game much at all.

So, what did we do while he was here?  Yes, we worked on improving his golf mindset.

Firstly we did EFT, the tapping technique, to rid him of snide comments made one time he had over chipped which were continuing to make him feel he would stuff up.

Then he had some relaxing hypnotherapy, which I recorded so he can listen at home. This focused on slowing down, flowing, letting his mind remember how good he used to be and bringing that back into his present game. He played some holes in his mind putting in good scores.  This visualisation technique is brilliant.

It will be interesting to hear how it all works for him.

We went into the back garden and he taught me how to chip with a pitching wedge. I must say it feels good when you lift that ball and get it near the little tree.

I will be practicing lots now, thank you, Chris. I will remember to keep my hands well to the left, my weight on that left foot, and say ‘ladies and gentlemen’ as I slowly swing the club with my shoulders.


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