My practice range and gear


This is the practice range we have set up.

It is a piece of heavy shade cloth material with a hem at the top.  Rope threaded through this with  a loop to a cleat on the house. I flick the other end over a cleat on the fence and secure it to a cleat below. The remaining rope forms a tennis net, to aim the ball over with my no.8, and stops the wind blowing it.

A couple of old bricks keep it positioned straight. the old piece of carpet (fortunately green) holds it firmly on the ground allowing for the driven balls to roll back towards me.  The back door mat is my driving area. Unfortunately I cant go back any further due to step which go upwards on to the back lawn.  However, it all looks fine and is ok to practice at.

We got a pile of gear for £40 including almost new set of men’s clubs and drivers, 2 putters, bag, trolley, 2 gloves and numerous balls which you have already seen.  We got them for Kevin and I am sharing but since I am barely 5ft 2″ they are definitely too long and I do have to compensate. I will get my own when I am better, unless to be better I need them.


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  1. drtombibey says:

    I hope you’ll read my recent post on Army Golf.

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