Golf lesson No 7

Get to grips with this, Marilyn!

Get to grips with this, Marilyn!

Well, I am sorry to report I never practiced at all between 6 and 7… Not good!

Never the less I did have 2 realisation moments during No 7. Yes, I want to do this (learn golf), and Yes, I need to get out there and practice loads.  It is embarrassing to have to go over the same old, same old, techniques yet again. What a waste of time!

So, here was I, star of my own golf video.  Bum not shoved out enough to make my back a 90 degree angle with my arms, my sternum not behind the ball. These both affecting my up swing. Compared to the notable golfer in the other video frame I was way out! Understandable that the ball was not going easily in a nice high straight line.

So to rectify this…

Back to the foot position yet again, and the head position yet again! I tried pulling the heavy club thingy around the big metal circle to get the feel of  my shoulders pulling the golf club. That made sense.

I watched myself again on video hitting much better.  It feels so good to see the ball zooming up into the sky on the right trajectory, and going that bit further, too.

I took clear note of what I am going to put into my unconscious mind this week.  Here comes the hypnotherapy.  I can do this fine for others but what about for myself?  Self hypnosis is ok, am doing this but I have decided it is a little haphazard so I am going to do myself a recording, just for me. It will include letting all the following happen, in sequence, and form a natural pattern.

  • Feet in right position so I am slightly behind the ball
  • Right shoulder slightly lower
  • Bum out
  • Draw the club up with my shoulders
  • and, yet again, keep my head in one place, letting my left shoulder go between it and the ball as the swing progresses

On a brighter note my down swing was ok,  I did hit a few very nice shots which made me feel better, and I spent time on the practice green putting.  My putting is not too bad since I have one of those indoor thingys set up in the kitchen and I putt while waiting for things to cook, or between the odd sip of wine.

I was getting cranky I wasnt hitting distance, probably why my grip was too tight.  (why I am now on baby bird alert) I have been told not to worry, get the basics right we will learn distance next.  That is a bit more comforting.

Next golf lesson in two weeks time.  Tell me, does it take others this long to get the basics?


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