A golf winner!

A nice lady golfer client of mine had her third session on Saturday morning and went on to her golf competition in the afternoon.  She won it!  What excitement.

Not only that but she went on to play a big club competiton the next day and, with her partner, came third.  She is naturally delighted.

She says she is  so calm on the course and plays each shot for itself (using techiques I taught her).  Since her first session she has consistently played better (helped by visualisation techniques we have worked on).

After her second session she played a competition and, despite a difficult player upsetting others around her, she kept her cool.  She and her partner came 3rd, only 1 shot off  2nd, and 4 off 1st. That day on the ‘nearest the pin’, a tricky par 3, she was on the only player on the green in one. She then 2 putted, naturally winning the hole.  She scooped a pile of prizes.

All the golf ladies are asking her how come she has improved so much.  She is delightedly telling them about her mental game sessions with me.

My golf hypnotherapy sessions teach the body to relax and flow with the each swing.  That’s the ‘calmness’ component. The ‘confidence’ relates to having trust in yourself to do well. The  ‘concentration’ session ensures focus on the job at hand, getting an ‘ in the zone’ state.  ‘Consistency’ is about pulling these altogether and doing them repeatedly.

So, with the four C’s working together, we can ensure a better golfer. Of course, what works for golfers also works for horse riders, target shooters, athletes and many other sportsmen and women.

It is really motivating to be a part of someone’s positive progression.


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