And onto golf lesson no. 6

Six down, am I any better?

Six down, am I any better?

I am thinking now how easy it is to get confused with making sure you are doing everything right before you even hit the ball.

Have I lined up the ball with the hole and an intemediary spot about 4 feet from out from the ball?  Go on, put my club in that line.

Am I putting my feet in the right position? Are my arms in a straight V, is the club held with the top sort of across my left thigh for strong follow through. Is the heel right on the ground?

Am I prepared to look at only the ball and nothing else until after the swing? Lower my right shoulder, keep my head still, remember that I have a baby bird in my hands so hold the club gently. Make sure my arms and shoulders are relaxed.

At this point it is time to execute the swing!  Oh, forgot to put the glove on! Too bad.

Sometimes it all comes together, sometimes not. When it does I just wish the ball would have gone double the distance.   Is that too much to ask?

Time for some self hypnosis!


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